Dr. Michael J. O'Connell, PainCare, New Hampshire

Dr. Michael J. O'Connell, PainCare, New Hampshire, has commanded nearly three decades of experience in the medical field and leverages his comprehensive understanding of pain management to administrate PainCare Centers, Inc., the largest pain treatment practice in New Hampshire. When Dr. Michael J. O'Connell founded the nascent New Hampshire practice with his partner Dr. John C. Bell in 1992, it was the first clinic and surgicenter in the region to focus solely on treating pain.

Dr. O’Connell has since expanded the practice to include twelve offices across New Hampshire and an additional Ambulatory Service Center in Merrimack. Although no longer practicing medicine, he aims to meet patients’ medical, psychological, social and holistic needs with regards to pain management, and bring these services to them, rather than having patients travel long distances.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Dr. Michael O'Connell, attended high school in Dover. He subsequently earned his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire in Durham and his Doctor of Medicine from Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover.

After completing medical school, he joined the United States Army through the Health Professions Scholarship Program and fulfilled his flexible internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. After completing his formal internship training in Washington, Dr. O’Connell fulfilled his residency in anesthesiology at Letterman Army Medical Center in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco.

His third year of training was devoted to pain management and intensive care. Dr. O’Connell’s early medical career included an assignment at Womack Army Medical Center, then known as the Womack Army Community Hospital, where he served as a Staff Anesthesiologist and their first Pain Specialist. He then moved back to NH after an honorable discharge, and worked as a Staff Anesthesiologist with Strafford Anesthesia Group in New Hampshire. He provided services as an expert medical witness on both the defendant and plaintiff’s sides in crucial pain management cases, provided evidence for two Supreme Court cases, and served as a Supervising Physician at Northeast Pain Research Center which investigated the utility of intraspinal snail venom in pain management. Dr. O'Connell also has an M.A. in Medical Health A