Michael PA

Michael PA is an Australian now living in the United States.
With a background of 20 years in the radio and music industries, he also has years experience in permission based marketing, online and social media integration, and loyalty marketing.

On getting his Green Card, the USA Immigration Department labeled him as "an Alien with Extraordinary Abilities"
That pretty much sums it up. His experience is broad, and focused at the same time.
Michael was National Production Director for all RG Capital Radio Network stations in Australia for his last career move in that industry before going into business with his brother, which saw them both moving to the States and heading up Fairwest when they bought out the company and merged it with Media Solutions their company launched in Brisbane Australia in 2000.
Fairwest was the flagship for loyalty and permission based marketing internationally, and their model still gets used today even though the company was sold by the brothers in 2005. His role was International Creative Director.

Currently Michael is the product evangelist for DiGiGrid, a joint venture between Waves Audio And Digico.

Michael is also a professional landscape photographer and consults to businesses on their social media as well as what he refers to as "look, feel and direction"