Michael St. James

I like to help make amazing things happen.

In the music Industry - I'm a music publisher, supervisor, licensor and consultant.

In the business and startup community - I've held positions from business affairs to copywriter to consultant to CMO; but my approach is one of the fan, the curious consumer, the TV and Twitter junkie, the gamer, and the music lover.

Experience with exits, driven by the deck.

I consult on bramding and marketing, shoot me a message here if you'd like to talk.

I write songs, jingles, articles, books, treatments, scripts, marketing decks and hilarious tweets (sometimes). I produce vidoe and entertianment.

I travel extensively and can't wait to see what's next.

Oh, and I'm a big fan of cussing, coffee, beer, and open-minded people trying to change the world. Follow me on Twitter.

  • Click on the stjamesblog.tumblr.com more serious Music Business musings and thoughts on Startups.
  • Check out my original Music - by Video on Youtube or - Sptoify, Beats, Play, etc.
  • Share my music on Chrome through ex.fm and you are always welcome to buy a few tunes on ITunes.