Michelly Farias

Thank you for visiting my website!

I am currently taking amazing classes and working with inspiring professionals to continue becoming a professional actress-from acting technique, to cold reading, commercial audition classes and improv, I am learning daily and absorbing, and I can see the improvement in my work and in ME.

If you would like to view images from my portfolio, I have a portfolio album on FB and Model Mayhem (click album links at bottom of page) as well as many pictures on several social media sites. I am currently working on putting a reel together, but in the meantime I will be uploading videos on YouTube and Vimeo, you're welcome to check them out and see me at work! I also blog sometimes for fun, in case you want to learn more about me, please go ahead and read some of posts. I have several links below, enjoy!

I'm so happy to be able to enjoy my work, and thankful to have the health to keep up, I'm really really enjoying this process, thank you for being a part of it!!

Thanks for coming!!

Michelly Farias