Denise Hutchins

Mikarts is the art studio of Denise Hutchins, commonly known by her online alias "Mika". She specializes in creating anime-inspired art and illustrations, including her popular chibi style, in traditional and digital media. Watercolor, Copic marker, Prismacolor colored pencil, and Photoshop are her favorite media to work with. Denise's career goals include establishing her fine arts studio and illustrating printed entertainment media including novels and comics.

Aside from art, Denise is an all-around otaku-geek, spending most of her personal time reading books and manga, watching all kinds of TV shows and movies, playing video games, and exploring the Internet. She works full-time as a Computer Operator for WinCo Foods and is a staunch supporter of animal rights, environmental protection, and other causes for Mother Nature. She lives with her fiancé, Sean, and their adorable pets.