Mike Briercliffe

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Chief Digital Bod and Social Business Architect with Next Dimension Media ...

An IT & Comms specialist with a 38+ year career. Latterly a start-up specialist with extensive experience in channels to market. Well seasoned troubleshooter for IT Vendors. I make businesses grow.

For 20 years from 1988 onwards I was on the board on UniforumUK and InterForum - 3 times as chair. In that capacity I was a prolific mediator in IT projects and management of channels to market.

And today, I'm right in the guts of Social Business - making it happen.

All the links below are for either my own social/home sites, companies that I am (or have been) involved in assisting, or very close business partners. Take a tour - you may find something to interest you! If you think I've missed you - let me know and we'll see about adding you ...

In social computing terms, my history is quite long. I was in the first 120,000 of users on LinkedIn with a current following of circa 6100. Klout now rates me in mid-60's, Peerindex low 70's. Kred has me rated at 910+ (of 1000) for Influence with an Outreach Level of 10 (of 12).

My main Twitter account has circa 44K high quality followers and I operate some quieter channels too. I architect social business process flow & curate and moderate groups on LinkedIn up to 895K people in size.

Through a business merger I also now have added reach to more than 1.5 million people in LinkedIn. In fact - NextDmedia - our partner company in Seattle operates a single group of more than 895,000 folks - Linked:HR

In December 2011, I was honoured to receive the Business-to-Business Golden Twitter Award at Wembley Conference Centre, London, UK.

If you need help in the Social Galaxy - I can probably contribute something. If you're start-up looking for ways forward - I'm an advanced bootstrapper. Network power is worth more than cash.

If you're in business and want your "Social" sorted - I'm the one to come to.

The Picasa Link takes you to some of my favourite photos of The Gower Peninsula in South Wales, UK - until recently my home base - lovely! ... Now I'm intermittently based beneath a potentially active volcano - Mount Rainier, WA. and on the edge of The Brecon Beacons in South Wales UK