Mike Mathia

I stay busy.

Lemme explain:

President and lead photographer of Michael Brian Photography http://michaelbrianphotography.com

CEO and Lead Tech of Hypertech Computer Solutions http://hypertechs.net

Professional storm chaser for the National Weather Service Wichita, Skywarn, and Storm Chase Team Coordinator for KAKE-TV.

Emergency management communications officer. Ham Radio callsign is KD0IJO. http://ham.mikemathia.com

My personal and media blog: http://mathia.co

Call or text me: 316.444.0690

My son was born on March 6th, 2013. His Mom and I enjoy the adventure that awaits us.

My girlfriend and I are on a quest to be closer together in the Kansas City Metro Area, so I am moving there some time this summer.

I love everything that I do for a living, being happy with your work is more important than just about anything in the world.

"What makes you a man isn't how many muscles you have, how much liquor you can drink, how many asses you can kick, or how many women you've slept with. What really makes you a man is how you handle yourself at a time of change or crisis."

Alright life, bring it on. =]