Mike McCready

This is the right place if you want career highlights and a couple references but aren't quite ready for my blog. So, here goes... Despite some expensive early lessons, I had some success as an entrepreneur. Later on, despite not being very good, I had some success as a musician. Today, I combine my passions for business and music by leading the company I co-founded, Music Xray. Turns out, I am pretty good at this. Music Xray helps the industry identify new songs & talent. We do it better than anyone. Seriously. If you make your living with your ears, you really need to join 1200 of your peers and see what some 21st century technology can do. Music Xray has also leveled the playing field for musicians & songwriters and helps them get deals, get fans, & get better. If you're a musician, check this out. And now, here's what you came for; a few references and links. Here's a link to a Success Magazine article about my first company. Here's one from The New Yorker about my current company written by Malcolm Gladwell. and here's a link to some other media if you just can't get enough. Here's a very popular case study that Harvard Business School did about mine & my company's efforts to introduce Hit Song Science to the industry. Here are a few documentaries, and a couple network television series I've been involved with. What else? I live in New York & Barcelona, I occasionally rant on The Huffington Post. I visited North Korea last year and it blew my mind! I love wine & cookies (but not usually together).