Mike Wytrykus

Mike Wytrykus is a cartoonist and animated filmmaker, and a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where he studied screenwriting, storyboarding, and both traditional and computer animation. He possesses a lifelong passion for comic books, cartoons and movies, and is a veritable fountain of pop-culture knowledge and useless trivia.

Mike began creating his own cartoons when he was nine years old and has been publishing comics online since 1997. In the autumn of 2000, Mike began writing & illustrating an online comic strip called Grimstone, based on characters he created during childhood. Since then he has self-published a Grimstone comic book series and a book collection of the strip’s early years. In 2009, Grimstone took part in the Cartoon Art Museum’s Monsters of Webcomics Virtual Gallery.

From 2004 until 2012, Mike was a part-time student at Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in computer animation for film & video. While there he worked on several short scripts, storyboards, story reels, animated vignettes, and short films. During the 2010-11 school term, as part of the Animation Production Studio course, he directed a 7-minute animated film entitled Play Date about a little girl pursuing a little boy through imaginary worlds in a game of make-believe. In 2013, Play Date was awarded first prize in the Chicago Film Critics Association inaugural Emerging Filmmakers Award.

Mike continues to create Grimstone comics while also developing concepts for future projects and exploring employment opportunities in both the comic book and animation industries.