Mims H. Wright

Mims H. Wright is a software developer, game designer and author living in Los Angeles. He specializes in cutting-edge sites, applications, and games for mobile and web. Currently, Mims is employed as a Principal Web Developer at HUGE where he acts as lead front-end developer (HTML5 / JavaScript) for some of the company's most important clients.

For over 12 years Mims has contributed to dozens of projects with a variety of agencies both large and small. He is a co-author of the ActionScript 3.0 Bible and is a contributor to numerous JavaScript, Flash, open-source projects such as KitchenSync, a library for tweening and sequencing, and AS3-Utils. He writes about programming and life-hacking at blog.mimswright.com. More details on his work can be found in his Résumé and Portfolio.

In his free time, Mims likes to travel, cook, brew beer, and design games. He is a natural organizer and problem solver whose best insights occur to him in the shower… a balanced mix of cave-dwelling developer and out-of-the-box designer. He does not believe in limitations of the medium, unnecessary meetings, or Flash intros.

Mims is also an international racecar driver and a father.