Miroku Akihabara

"The world is the totality of facts, not things." writes the famous philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, so as my life story; I had been through many lands, faced almost every imaginable "enemy", had been through almost unimaginable situations, but still wanted to go and discover new lands; lands where medieval explorers say "hic sunt dracones" (here there be dragons). I'm a "kuya" (big brother), licensed teacher, "frustrated" roman catholic liturgist, "frustrated" political pundit, cook, house-band, graduate student, "purple" thomasian, former student leader, slob, die-hard J-rock, J-pop & Anime fan, survivor, part-time bounty hunter, junkie, radio addict, shutterbug, part-time absurdist, and rocker among others.

I really hate slavedrivers & I can be very, very dangerous when angry and/or depressed.