Mitch Pirtle

I start companies, build things, learn, and teach. Scale, simplicity, and speed are my game. I'm also into family, skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, making music, cooking, wine, design, and both football and the other football.

Heavy contributor and promoter of open source software, primarily MongoDB and Lithium. Currently founding the Poseidon project, also a Joomla founder. Heavy user of Node.js, Express and AngularJS.

KEYWORDS: node.js, angularjs, bootstrap, express, foundation, backbone, emberjs, grunt, bower, php, lithium, mongodb, warwick, ampeg, nginx, lighttpd, textmate, ruby, rails, mongrel, postgresql, memcache, project voldemort, joomla, redis, jquery, sauvignon blanc, gattinara, turin, torino, cabernet sauvignon, dolcetto, arneis, nero d'avola, prosecco, fender, axe-fx, logic pro