Mitch Race

I'm passionate about music classics so I'm getting more involved with social media to promote Adult Contemporary R&B and Disco artists, music and events.  I'm also producing new music and pursuing my B.A. in Social Science, concentrating in Media Studies.

 Some Background Info


At age 17 learning to DJ, would mark the start of a multi-faceted journey through the business of music for Mitch Race. Mitch transitioned from DJ and mobile DJ business co-founder, to part-time record store clerk, to  recording studio.


  • Dub Mix: "Infatuation", Upfront, Silvercloud Records (1983)
  • Producer, Writer: "Got to Have a You Injection", Invasion 22, 25 West Records (1983)
  • Producer, Writer, Mixer: "Will You Be The One?", Bernice Frazier, New York Music Company (1985)
  • Producer, Writer: "Loveline", Diamond Touch, Supertronics Records (1985)
  • Producer, Writer, Mixer: "Lately", Les Whitaker Jr. (1987) Westside Records, UK (Promo release only)
  • Remix: "High Five", Catawba, Razmatazz Records (1987)
  • Remix: "Through The Night", Gary Brock, Dream Seeker Records (1987)
  • Producer, Mixer: "Use Me", Bernice Frazier, Sutra Records (1988)
  • Producer, Writer: "Give Into The Music", Henri Greene, Jumpstreet Records (1988)
  • Remix: "Let's Hang On" (Mitch Race Poolside Mix), Teresa Torres, (Unreleased) Frostbite Productions, (2002) 
  • Mix: "He Rose", Raliegh Spruill & Holy Sound (2012)


2000 - 2001 Management and archiving of digital audio and video assets


1995 - 2000 CultureVision Music Video: Marketing, distribution, programming, publicity, website promotion and content creation, music reviews, magazine ad creation and placement, record label relationships, e-mail and offline mailing list management.


1989 - 1990 Starway Records: Retail and Club Promotion

1998 - The National Record Company: Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Product Management