Do you know why they call the same old thing “the same old thing?”. Because it’s just that. The same. Old. Thing. Want something fresh and xxciting for your club, party, or group? Of course you do! Mixxula is a legend in his own mind that brings a special blend of fun to each and every occasion. This 25+ year party professional knows how to tickle-a-fancy, cut-a-rug, and blow the roof off the joint. He’s incomparable because he’s nothing like you’ve ever xxperienced. Far from the same ol’ thing...

Mixxula began DJing at his high school in Northern California on a campus radio station. The joy of the broadcast medium still left an itch unscratched. He launched into a mobile arena to perform live for the people. He has presented at events since the early 80’s including but not limited to house parties, school dances, wedding receptions, business mixers, fashion shows, night clubs, and more. He was a top rated morning show personality for many years in a major market. Mixxula has partied with the stars across the country and played venues of up to 17K persons! His spirit keeps him young but his soul makes him seasoned.

The Mixmaster.

With an endless catalog of music spanning generations and genres, Mixxula’s keen sense and talents allow for a flawless blend to captivate any crowd. The artists create the tracks but Mixxula makes the magic!

The Party Starter.

This is not the guy who stands behind the mixing board scared to interact with the crowd. This is the guy that’s always IN the crowd! Mixxula found the secret of having a good time - BEING a good time! He energizes the audience with himself!

The Host.

He parties for a living. Your audience works for a living. Mixxula grabs the agenda by the horns and provides direction and support for a celebration. He knows how to speak, announce, recognize, and entertain on all levels with everybody!