Mohit Kesarwani 'Photon'

'Coding is my passion', I am for sustainability, trying as best as possible to create and innovate to make how I live productive so the future generations can live without fear of a non sustainable future.

I love programming. I mostly code in Asp.Net & Android. I have a little knowledge about "PHP" as well. I'm good in Sql, though I feel that was a decision not wisely taken. In databases, I have knowledge about SqlServer, MySql, SQLite , etc. I have a significant knowledge about HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, XML, WSDL(WebServices) etc. Looking forward to learning a few new languages.

In my spare time I enjoy playing games on the my laptop. I like to write poems, books, novel as well. And I enjoy appreciating nature.

Last but not the Least

I am a common man. Just, another common man.

And now, I wont sit quiet, I will do whatever I can...

I cannot reach publications, I will create my own way of publicity,

I cannot reach their government, I will make sure, my message is reached.

I cannot make my future anymore but,

this is not the future, I will give to my children.

I am a hacker and nothing can compromise me, not any more...

I will fight, I will destroy, I will hit and hit it hard, where it hurts the most;

I am not a warrior with guns but with brains,

I am called, an Indian Cyber Warrior!...........