Maura Lafferty

As the first public relations professional to use Twitter to build national media relationships in the performing arts sector, Maura's work has been shaped by a deep consideration for stakeholders at every level, and great care and sensitivity to sentiment analysis in traditional and digital media cycles. Motivated by a desire to use content, partnership, and digital tools to design the highest-quality possible experiences for stakeholders at every level, Maura's communications programs always include this as a critical component to achieving significant B2B and B2C outcomes. Her special admiration for the journalists in a range of sectors, and the important role that they play in an informed democracy, is always top of mind in designing comprehensive communications programs to help clients achieve their objectives.

Since moving to San Francisco in 2008, Maura has engaged in a close observation of web tools, trends, and media cycles that have impacted stakeholder attitudes/definitions of altruism, fundraising, philanthropy, marketing and demand generation for both B2B and B2C stakeholders. This careful analysis has allowed Maura to develop a deep understanding of the ways in which technical tools can support or hinder communications, B2C and B2B marketing, and media relations goals. Inspired by the values and approach that has revolutionized the technology sector, Maura brings an experience design perspective to analyzing organizational culture, digital infrastructures, and demand + loyalty generation pipelines.

Maura's work with over 50 different organizations, including clients, employers, and volunteer committees, has afforded her the opportunity to closely observe many different leadership styles, and the role that inter-generational dynamics, technical tools and trends, and tech company culture and employees' values have had on the SF ecosystem and definitions of successful team dynamics.