Mike Meetze

The world and it's ever changing contrasts mean more to me then the everyday troubles that effect us all. Live to be a new person everyday and never look for the end of your journey.

I started out working on the docks shortly out of high school then switched to construction, which I stayed in for around 15 years. Then I decided that I would rather design structures then just build them. So now I'm studying architectural engineering.

I love traveling all over and slowly made my way to Iraq where I worked for two years helping the military and locals in rebiulding the country. I was looking more for adventure then work. All the while serving in the Army Reserve.

My work ethic has been refined over the years and I'm now to the point where I believe people should not work for someone rather work together where ideas can grow and benefit the world with little to no impact on the environment.

I believe in taking pride in everything I do no matter how small or how hard it may be. Like the saying goes "You only live once" so take it for what it is. Mistakes and all.

  • Environmentalist
  • Aspiring Photographer
  • Studying Architectural Engineering
  • bookbinding hobbyist
  • Nomad of the world
  • Coffee Extremist