Mohammad Bahareth

Mohammad Bahareth is one of Saudi Arabia's leading authorities on influence, He started to write at the age of 11 And loved writing ever since. a dynamic and entertaining speaker And YouTube Show host, motivated and inspired people worldwide, traveled to over 30 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia And Australia.

A consultant to corporations Worldwide & The Middle East. a well known champion of consumer's especially in Saudi Arabia. honesty and caring gives his voice a resonance which makes his opinions in the matter revered and worthy of careful consideration.

He is one of the Top Rated TripAdvisor Reviewers. As well as the President of Youth Business Club in Saudi Arabia, a huge fan of Sci-Fi and From Babylon 5 & Star Trek to Stargate. An Enthusiast of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Which Made him the Perfect President for the Saudi Sci-Fi & Geeks club .

The Author of Sherlock Holmes in 2012 Trilogy , We Hate Google , Micronations , Universal Technology and Kings of the internet and Several books in Arabic.

Achievements & Awards :
[2010] The Author of The Only Arabic Hypnosis Tracks on iTunes.
[2011] Ranked by Forbes As the 14th Most influential Twitter Activists in Saudi Arabia.
[2011] Listed by Forbes Among the top 100 in Twitter Influencers in Middle East.
[2014] Awarded the 2nd Place in inspiration by the Saudi Social Media observatory
[2014] Awarded the 6th Place in Blogging & Writing bt the Saudi Social Media observatory