Moises Szarf

Digital Marketing is my profession. I bring qualified visitors to websites and apps throug different sources. I have special affinity and expertise in SEO and SEM, and extensive experience in the Google Display Network, Youtube, and Facebook. One of my most recent accomplishments has been the internal and external Organic Search Campaign for the World Cup Brazil 2014 where millions of visitors came to the website through this channel.

I play rythm guitar and have written more than 100 songs, lately I have been just enjoying playing a version of "Heart Of Gold" by Neil Young. I am good Salsa dancer got that from my Dad, he is an Architect too. He designs real life structures where people live, I design magnets that attract people into virtual spaces. One of my major satisfactions is talking with him about my professional experiences and seeing his proud-Dad-face glow.

I hope you dwell in this virtual space a little longer, have a wonderfull day, stay positive.

Let's definitely connect trough Twitter or LinkedIn, or feel free to e-mail me.

Photography Credit: Alfredo Gugig.