Moises Szarf

Hello, so cool that you are stopping by to check me out. I was born in Venezuela, and even though I have only been there twice in the last 14 years I still have a strong attachment to it, I guess you always carry the place you grew up with wherever you go.

Digital Marketing is my profession. I bring qualified visitors to websites and apps throug different sources. I have a special affinity for SEO and SEM, as my own two daughters, I love them both equally. I also love the Google Display Network, Youtube, and Facebook, like my nieces.

I play rythm guitar and have written more than 100 songs, not all of them good, but I recorded an album with the Top 10. Lately I have been writing one called "AVALANCH". I am good Salsa dancer got that from my Dad, he is a better dancer, he is an Architect too. He designs real life structures where people live, I design magnets that attract people into virtual spaces. One of my major satisfactions is talking with him about my professional experiences and seeing his proud-Dad-face glow.

I hope you dwell in this virtual space a little longer, have a wonderfull day, stay positive.

Let's definitely connect trough Twitter or LinkedIn, or feel free to e-mail me.

Photography Credit: Alfredo Gugig.