Monica Borbely

From moving all by herself to America as a teenager, to working as a maid, and later starting and becoming the President and CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, Monica is proof that the American dream of success is absolutely possible. Not speaking the English language didn't stop Monica from earning her college degree in: Business Administration and Foreign Languages, and later building a 25 year career as a top sales executive, business owner, bilingual motivational speaker and professional life and business coach.

Monica Borbely isn't the everyday life coach. She is a model for living life with passion and purpose and she addresses challenges at full speed, from all angles. Her approach aligns lifestyle, goals and mindset to ensure powerful transformations and more importantly, lasting successes. Monica strongly believes and teaches that if you want to make something happen in your life, you have to STOP making Excuses and you have to DO something about it!

For three amazing years of her initial career as a coach, Monica had the privilege of working and traveling around the country as an Account Executive and Senior Mentor for the internationally known Peak Performance Coach, Anthony Robbins.