Roger Moore

Yeah, it's my real name. I think my parents named me after that James Bond fellow, whom I've met and interviewed, BTW. I've been making my living reviewing movies most of my adult life. I started in high school in the remote corner of Virginia where I grew up, where my favorite connection to the REAL world was movies, and reading the great big city critics Pauline Kael, Stanley Kauffman and Roger Ebert. I reviewed movies in college, on radio, TV and eventually newspapers. I'm a nationally syndicated film critic for McClatchy-Tribune News Service, writing reviews and feature profiles of films, filmmakers, actors and actresses. My work appears all over the English speaking world, in North American newspapers and websites, from The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dallas Morning News, Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Orlando Sentinel, Charlotte Observer, Pittsburgh Post and Portland Press Herald, and many others. You can find my reviews on,,, moviefone, and Rotten Tomatoes. And my writing has turned up in magazines as varied as Spin, Veritas, The World and Cruising World. No, that last one is not what you think. It's about sailing. Because I live on a sailboat.

I've been on CNBC, CNN, more national and local radio chat shows than I can count. But never mind that. Let's talk movies, shall we?