Morgan West | Actor

Morgan West is a versatile actor with experience on both stage and screen. He was born just outside the sparkling city of Cleveland, OH in the small suburb of Fairview Park - your typical American town.

Who is Morgan? He's a Joseph Gordon Levitt type - your average, all-american, apple pie and baseball, guy-next-door... with a twist. Think a bit of the quirkiness of Zach Braff and Paul Rudd mixed with the "fratty" edge of Bradley Cooper.

He holds a BFA in Drama from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where he received extensive training at both Stonestreet Studios and CAP21. After great success in NYC, Morgan now resides in Los Angeles, CA.



Project Selections:

  • Airplane VS Volcano - Dir. The Kondelik Brothers
  • Age of Tomorrow - Dir. James Kondelik
  • Chiller's Five Senses of Fear - NBCUniversal
  • Hosted Can You Survive A Horror Movie?
  • Pig Lady - Dir. Steve Makowski & Tom De Napoli

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