Christopher Gilbert

I am a newly employed Configuration Manager at IDEXX Laboratories in Westbrook, Maine. IDEXX specializes in development of information technology-based products and services for veterinarians. The company is also a global leader in providing livestock and poultry diagnostic tests as well as tests for the quality and safety of water and milk.


I develop in JavaPHP, and Python.


I write the semi-topical blog, focusing on software development and targeted at system administrators.

I am the creator of PyLoris, a scriptable, protocol-agnostic denial of service attack framework.

I am a maintainer for socksipy-branch, a SOCKS library for Python developers featuring native module wrapping.

I developed a proof-of-concept network RAID architecture, which was published on Hack a Day.


I have worked in the insurance, communications, and new-media industries. I have developed under ADA/HIPAA/FERPA requirements and audited other companies that operate under these regulations. 


Background image is Redneck Sunset Alt by Derek Gavey, and is used with his permission.