Peter Walsh

I'm an ad guy, I help business people communicate things about their products and services so that consumers (and sometimes even other business people) find them irresistable.

I can work in any medium, but my specialty is A/V. TV, Radio & Digital.

Most of my clients and employers have been in the Entertainment and Retail space, but that doesn't mean I can't tackle a car spot, brand an institution or build a culture around mouthwash.

I'm a storyteller. I use emotion (dramatic, humorous…whatever the situation calls for) and I build strong, memorable, engaging connections with your consumers that drive your marketing objectives across all sorts of channels. Even if those consumers are other business people.

I have extensive experience problem solving with all sorts of 'P's." (Presidents, EVP's, SVP's etc.) But I usually spend most of my time in the trenches, working with and rallying creative teams to produce the kind of work that gets noticed and delivers real, measurable results.

I get my fair share of validation. That or the 200 people on LinkedIn that recommend & endorsed me have pulled off quite a complex snow job. 

And at last count, it would take 19 hands to move the current contents of the trophy case. I want more. Not hands, I'm fine with just the two.

I imagine if you've read this much we might enjoy each others company. Please drop me a note, or give me a call. I try to respond to everyone…as long as I see an opportunity to be of service to you.