Mrs. Blythe

Mrs. Blythe is dj, member of the Miriam Blaylocks and blogger for and
Renowned for her sexy and bewitching eclectic selections swinging between Obscure Disco, World, Synth wave, Electro and House, Mrs. Blythe plays in underground venues such as Monarch, 222 Hyde, Underground SF in SF, Nuba, Wanderlust and Moune in Paris, Le Baron in Tokyo and NYC, Abercrombie Hotel and Phoenix Bar in Sydney, Mini Musikhol in Istanbul as well as improbable places such as mutant art cars and domes in the middle of the desert for Burning Man and the beautiful Grace Cathedral.

Mrs. Blythe likes to collaborate with other dj's on different projects: Les Truies Galantes with Henri Maurel, Barockism and Christophe Vix in 2008 and 2009, les petites sauvages with in 2012 and now The Myriam Blaylocks with Madam X.

Mrs. Blythe also loves to collaborate with Fashion and Arts projects, brands, medias and galleries such as Vivienne Westwood, Hyeres Fashion & Photography festival, Glamour Paris,,, 0fr, Design Parade festival, etc.

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