M. Scott Campbell


  • Lyricist / Vox for jazz/metal band: r' ("r-prime")
  • classically trained vocalist; high tenor
  • studying metal guitar, classical piano, trumpet


Poker Player, sushi Connoisser, indie music Supporter/Producer, Composer (Reason software), Squash player

Entrepreneurial Consultant: expertise in Business/Marketing planning; Masters in Project Management; Bachelors in Rhetoric (emphases in Philosophy, Mathematics, Music)

Current Projects:

  • Writing third book of Tether cyberpunk trilogy
  • Coordinating production of an audiobook and a script for the 1st cyberpunk book, Diatraecus!
  • Co-Producing the 1st r' album -- artwork nearly finished, recording begins soon! ETA release March 2015.
  • Managing world-wide network of entrepreneurs -- many projects on the dashboard (cleantech /high tech / out-of-the-box); awaiting just one to materialize into a real, profitable venture... Contact me if you wish to collaborate/volunteer and get in on the ground floor!