Marley Sniatowsky

Marley Sniatowsky produces independent films. He has produced 3 independent features: Shadowboxing (2011) a dramatic narrative which premiered at the RVCQ in Canada and LSIFF in the US, it is available on Amazon & Itunes through Anderson Digital. His second film I've Seen the Unicorn (2014) a dramatic documentary is playing festivals at the moment having premiered in competition at Hot Docs Film Festival 2014. Sniatowsky directed a documentary short film for the NFB, and his short work has screened on the CBC. He is in post-production for We're Still Together, written and directed by Jesse Klein, starring Jesse Camacho, Joey Klein & Eve Harlow. Imaginary Friends was shot July 2014 on location in Montreal. He works occasionally in locations for large budget productions; Red2 (2013), Three Night Stand (2013), Ascension (2014).

Presently, he works full time in the service industry at Honey Martins, Liverpool House and as owner/operator of Choice Harbour, a Montréal based seafood catering service.