Munro Richardson

I'm co-founder & CEO of LigoSphere. Our flagship product is Ligo, a mobile app for college students. Ligo helps students make connections with others on campus to get things done, keep up with campus events, and stretch limited college budgets.

I like building things that make a difference. Previously, I was co-founder & COO of myEDmatch, a job matching site for teachers and schools. Before that I was responsible for the successful startup of an urban college prep charter school in Kansas City. My first startup was a nonprofit college access program called Kauffman Scholars.

I read books about business and investing like other people read novels. My wife and I created a mobile app to provide kids with fun and easy activities to do. I'm a practitioner of the Holstee Manifesto.

I love all kinds of Asian food, enjoy pretty much any Jason Statham movie, and have a serious jones for Mandarin Chinese (學而時習之不亦悅乎?). I am completely devoted to my wife and three girls.