Madhumitha V

Words have always been part of everything that I am, from writing all I can since I was a child to crafting creative communications now. My journey has led to a growing experience in Writing, Design Thinking, Process and Research as well as Culture + Communications study.

After a stint at a top Law School, I completed a Foundation in Design programme with a focus on Communication Design. I also hold a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication.

I have been writing copy, content and poetry for over 5 years now. I started out volunteering in 2006 in Pune, Maharashtra and went onto facilitate a HIV & AIDS Awareness Campaign with a brilliant team. Then followed travelling, networking, photographing on commission, organizing/facilitating events, attending concerts, gigs and more.

What I truly enjoy is developing Integrated Communications as well as evolving Branding Strategies in the Lifestyle and Culture domain. My collaborations include non-profit organizations, an apparel design firm, an arts initiative, a café, an advertising agency, a fashion e-commerce portal, a real estate liaison company as well as an alternative travel outfit in Bangalore.

As a 90's child with a healthy obsession for 60's counterculture, growing up in a highly entrepreneurial community+city, from a country as diverse and developing yet still as rooted as India is an intrinsic part of my identity and spirit.

Well-read, worldly, enthusiastic, articulate and a total people person, I bring to any team or project an innate sense of context, rationality and strong research skills to understand what people want and how best to deliver it to them.

A lover of all things internet and a compulsive writer, I strive to live each day fully, completely and without a single regret in my love for words, visuals, people, places, new experiences, interesting conversations and the big, little details.

Simply put, if you need a writer and quick, original copy/content OR need new creative direction for your brand or service OR a slew of ideas and insights -

Who you gonna call?