Madhumitha V

As an independent consultant, I've worked and collaborated with several corporate and individual concerns in the fields of Design, Art, Culture, Strategy and Communications.

I first started out volunteering in 2006 and went onto facilitate a popular HIV & AIDS Awareness Campaign in Pune, Maharashtra. Afterwards, I travelled widely, organized and facilitated events, went to concerts and gigs, photographing on commission, writing copy, content, poetry and developing integrated communications as well as evolving public relations strategy + vision for creative projects including an NGO, a clothing design firm, an arts initiative, a café as well as an alternative travel outfit in Bangalore.

With a stint at a top Law School to boot, I completed a Foundation in Design course focusing on Communication Design from DJAD, a top design school. I also hold a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication from Bharathiar University.

My journey has led to a constantly growing experience of and learning in Design Thinking, The Design Process, Culture + Communications study, Ethnography and Design Research along with a broad exposure to other design related aspects, having had the benefit of learning and being guided by some of the best people in the design and liberal arts fields of this country.

Growing up as a 90's child with a healthy obsession for 60's counterculture, in a highly entrepreneurial community+city, from a country as diverse and developing yet still rooted as India has not only influenced my thinking and multifarious ways but is also an intrinsic part of my identity and spirit. Well-read, worldly, enthusiastic, articulate and a total people person, I readily bring to any team or project- an innate sense of empathy, rationality, strong research skills, contextuality and knowing what people want and how best to deliver it to them. A happy lover of all things internet and a compulsive blogger as well, I believe, "Your profession is what you were put on earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling" and that is exactly how I strive to live each day fully, completely and without a single regret, in my love for words, visuals, people, new experiences, dialogue and great service.

Simply put, if you need a writer and quick, original copy/content OR need new creative direction for your brand or service OR a slew of ideas and insights -

Who you gonna call?