Nadia Sullivan

My greatest blessing and also my greatest burden is that I care about everyone and everything. Since my childhood, I have loved educating myself on every possible humanitarian topic you can imagine. I have studied and dug deep into subjects of genocide, to rainforest deforestation, to cancer, the limited resources for the mentally ill, poverty, world revolutions, gangs, gay rights, natural disasters, rape, suicide, foster care.....seriously, anything you can think of. I have volunteered in homless shelters and hospitals, done the food bank gigs and even tried starting my own non-profit organization in 2009....right before the double dip recession. I may have had good intentions, but my timing could not have been worse. My organization never launched and the paperwork went into storage.

The purpose of my heart was awakened again recently after an amazing, short, and direct conversaton with a wonderful friend. We were at trivia night at a restaurant and before it began I was all fired up over a recent documentary on the possibility of misused funds for breast cancer research. After my soap box, he said to me, "You know, you are absolutely right. However, you would be hard pressed to find anyone to think on that level. Your perception is special. The world is too all consumed with its own happiness and tribulations to see the big picture." I thought about what he said all night and realized I respectfully disagreed in some respects.

My personal philosophy on being the change in the world however one may see it, whether it be charity, advocacy, politics, volunteering, or education; simply is that maybe the goal isn't to get people to care about what you yourself care about. Maybe the goal is to inspire people and enable them in what they already are invested in and have experienced. Unfortunately in this dark world, *everyone* has been or knows someone of a victim of injustice or illness. To inspire each person to act on their own knowlegde and connections would be huge.

Since this realization the desire of my heart has been to be a steadfast educator and resource to a multitude of issues plaguing our world today. My website and Facebook page is interactive. There are and will be videos, links, stories from fellow advocates, listings of events, news clips, open discussion and much more.

As Mother Teresa once said (can you tell she is my role model?) "Do not wait for leaders;do it alone, person to person."