Rudi Kovač

Knew how to assemble and play games on a Spectrum ZX before knowing my name.

Met code for the first time when I started speaking mIRC scripts and Eggdrop tcls (a LONG time ago).

Started developing web stuff (mostly in PHP and MySQL) around 2003 and I am still learning! Damn you internet, stop changing so much!

Just kidding, you know I lava you <3

Fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript (including libraries like jQuery) and (. )SQL. Also built a couple of things in Django (python) and Ember.js (JS framework). Just started learning ASP.NET MVC.

Some of my stuff is posted around the web and I still don't have a portfolio to show you, as none of my sites managed to be pixel perfect.

Check out my blog if you're interested in what I'm up to or click on the links below if you care and have some spare time.

Feel free to hit me on Facebook, Twitter or both.

Latest project Swipe (App Store, Play Store). Permissions required because of the tool in which it was built, I do not collect your data!

Pic Me on the left and my girlfriend on the right (because she is always right).