Rudi Kovač

// Coding.

I recently created an account on coderbits so, if you are interested, go check my profile out. You can also check my LinkedIn profile.

// Random.
Random thing I'm noticing lately: many people checking me out are (or were) NASA employees! Feels great, even though I think it's because of my nickname, which is similar.

Great NASA people, let me tell you that I really love what you are doing for us! Thank you!
PS: feel free to thumb me up sometime :)

// Projects.

Email Campaign Manager

An old project I recently started updating. Users can register and login, create lists, campaigns, compose plain or html email templates, which can be sent right away or scheduled for a later time. People can subscribe to lists and there is, of course, an unsubscribe option for them as well. There is more, but I am our of chars.

Ticketing system
A project I started a few months ago, with the idea of replacing the way too complicated SharePoint solution we have at work for tracking tasks, defects and change requests.

Lokali Info
The idea is simple: create a big restaurant directory in Slovenia, powered by comments and ratings. I know this already exists but I built it back in 2007, when it was rather new. It is big, but (I guess) not user friendly enough.

There is much more but I really am out of chars now:(

// Photography.
You can check some of my photos out on deviantART, Flickr, and Instagram (links at the bottom).