Natalie Zina Walschots

Author of Doom: Love Poems for Supervillains (Insomniac Press 2012), and Thumbscrews (Snare Books 2007).

Natalie Zina Walschots is a promiscuous wordsmith, working as a music writer, poet and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. She writes for National Post, Globe & Mail, This Magazine, Quill & Quire, Angry Metal Guy, Game Dynamo, Torontoist and Exclaim!, and her work has also appeared in HuffPost Music Canada, Toronto Standard, Now Magazine, This Magazine, broken pencil, Canada Arts Connect, The Coastal Spectator, About Heavy Metal, Gameranx and The Walrus Blog. Natalie is responsible for "Girls Don't Like Metal," a column about feminism and aggressive music, hosted on Canada Arts Connect Magazine. She is known for her postcard-length, poetic album reviews, which have appeared in Hellbound and Toronto Standard. She is the Reviews Editor of This Magazine, a member of CWILA (an organization devoted to building equitable critical culture in Canada) and a member of the board for Meatlocker Editions.

Natalie's second book of poetry, DOOM: Love Poems For Supervillains, was published by Insomniac Press in the Spring of 2012. Her first book, Thumbscrews, won the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry and was published by Snare Books in the Fall of 2007. Her poetry and fiction have recently been featured in Everything Is Fine, Little Brother Magazine, Joyland, Matrix, dead (g)end(er), Carousel, and broken pencil. Natalie earned her MA in English Literature and Creative writing from the University of Calgary. She writes about arts and culture, comic books, video games, combat sports, sadomasochism, feminism and difficult music.