Nat Green
  • I am a lover of life,my family,my friends,my girlfriend and our great dane Maya. Anything that pushes me to challenge myself so I can become a better person and live a better life is all good in my books. Riding deep powder on my snowboard, charging up hills on my dirt bike or windy roads on a sport bike, jumping out of airplanes or anything else that gets my blood pumping is my idea of fun.Chilling on a sunny beach or watching a good movie with Amanda isn't so bad either ;)
  • I love the work that I do because I help people start living a life of pure freedom which I can do from anywhere that I have an internet connection. Working where and when I want allows me to maintain my dream lifestyle.
  • I'm always up for meeting other new and cool people who are success oriented and looking to make great connections. I have met some amazing people online and am excited to have a chance to meet so many others. Maybe it is you?