nathaniel eggleston
I have always been a volunteer, an impoverished philanthropist, a giver. I have spent my entire life working to improve the lives of others. I have spent my entire professional life building up industries to create real change in the lives of the people they serve. I have worked with, volunteered with and advised more than 50 non-profit and educational agencies on four different continents. I have worked in the human-services sector with agencies in; providing care to the developmentally-disabled, youth development programs, LGBT advocacy, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, refugee and immigrant services, juvenile corrections, substance abuse prevention, education, and programs curriculum development. I long to inspire people to be their best selves, to find within their reach the power to dream of a future grander than today. I live each day to enable others to make the positive impact they seek. My life's work is to change the world one heart at a time. I believe I have a unique and imaginative approach with humans and business. I have impacted thousands of lives through my work and through my influence. I believe in the power of humanity to do good, but sometimes we all need a new perspective to energize our vision and purpose. That is the service I provide.