Naureen Nayyar

I am a storyteller, who is very interested in technology history, digital culture, and the unique lives of some of the most creative/successful people on our planet. I help companies and individuals strategize for their future,

My story is still fresh: with promoting toilets, Madagascar fieldwork, hackathons created in San Francisco, social media campaigns, and even couchsurfing videos.

At, my own blog, Pop17, and various other sites, I vlog, blog, write and curate articles about those who are bending rules/ taking chances to advance technology. When I can, I like to organize tech events, and look for ways to make some of my other ideas come to life. Currently, I am trying to put together a creative brainstorming workshop this November in Yangon, Myanmar and documenting the lives of those at the forefront of technology and science in Silicon Valley.

Build, observe, and think in new ways.

Update: Currently working on a book proposal, researching media disruption, and consolidating my life into a few bags to re-enter investigative journalism.