Nazgul Kemelbek

Today I am a fashion & sustainability semi-blogger for a hobby (a passionate one), a social marketer & a strategist for a day job, a coffee drinker for survival, a women empowerment advocate for a reason and a crossfitter for... at least another year. I like to write about fashion, tech, sustainability, personal growth and inspiring strong women.

I was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, studied Journalism, but chose a career in international development. During the course of six year non profit stint I managed human rights education programs, piloted sustainable funding programs for street children in Kyrgyzstan, experimented with digtal content strategy at NDI in Washington, DC, and managed operations for an awesome nonprofit Reel Grrls in Seattle before getting my MBA.

My atypical post-MBA path led me to NYC where I aspire to be part of the tech+fashion movement and transformation of the industry towards greater sustainability. I hope to never spend a day stuck in a cubicle!

I love functional spaces: home libraries and closets are my obsessions. Always looking to connect with like minded people and build up my professional network in NYC.