Neil Golding

Living and working in Adelaide, South Australia.

Currently, I'm a student at Flinders University finishing a Bachelor of International Tourism (Event and Festival Design and Management). In my spare time I work as Vice-Convenor at Team AVCon Incorporated designing the 2014 convention. Previously I've worked at Paper Flourish, while taking on placement opportunities at Ayers House Museum, Gorgeous Festival and Sapmea.

Looking into the future, my goals include developing a robust portfolio of event design experience, while taking on social media service consultancies.

My passions include keeping on top of progressing social media trends and networks, reading on the psychology of consumer behaviour to apply to event design and participating in South Australia's ever-changing and dynamic culture.

My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of International Tourism (Events & Festival Design & Management) [In Progress]
  • Advanced Diploma of Events
  • Advanced Diploma of Multimedia

Be sure to check out my visual portfolio!