Nelson Brito is just another Security Researcher Enthusiast, for both network and computer landscape, who has an addiction of playing with computer systems' (in)security on his spare time, and lives in a wonderful city: Rio de Janeiro.

As a sought-after speaker, he has presented to professionals, enthusiasts, and researchers on some security conferences, such as: IME Cryptology Week (2000/2001), CNASI (2000/2004/2005), CONIP (2004), SERPRO TIC (2006), ITA SSI (2006), H2HC (2006/2009/2010/2011), FEBRABAN CIAB Workshop (2009), Web Security Forum (2011), PH-Neutral (2011), BSidesSP (2012), Silver Bullet (2012), among others.

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By the way, Nelson Brito is the author of:

For miscelaneous codes and tools, please refer to: