Nellie Anger

Retoucher | Designer | Artist

I consult with various photographers, artists, & writers creating published products/designs for companies & private projects. I have 6+ years experience with professional photography studios providing all of the digital retouching & design needs of their high-end clients.

Currently, I am employed with The University of Texas as a Digital Artist designing visual media for the Department of Recreational Sports. Also, I am consulting with Double Dot Studios as an Art Director/Environment Designer.

My favored artistic medium is Adobe Photoshop. However, I am flexible & intuitive with technology & design so, naturally, I have worked with many programs & mediums.

Holistically, I am, simply, an Artist.
My purpose is not to ‘break the mold’, but rather, to create a new one.
I see my body, in whatever form, as a tool for expressing my soul.
It is both a canvas & a paintbrush as I am both an artist & a work of art.

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