Nicki Ann Events

Hello everyone! I am Nicole, an event coordinator based out
of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have always had a
passion for planning parties and events. I have
always been an extremely organized person in my
work - to the point where I think I might have a
problem. I am creative, detailed and hard-working.

I worked for a university planning networking
events while pursuing my Master's degree in
Student Affairs in Higher Education. My
experience in that job, and lack of job
opportunities post-graduation, lead me to
decide to finally go for it and start my
own business. When is a better time than now?
I have been unofficially planning parties and
weddings for the last couple of years. I am finally
doing what I love... and getting paid for it! Who
could ask for more?

I specialize in weddings, but my repetiore ranges from
birthday parties to reunions to bar/bat mitzvahs. I try to
make each event sophisticated and unique. I am not
about cookie-cutter events. I aim to capture the vision
of my clients on any budget.