Nanjira Sambuli

Culture shaper. History maker.

I read,write,tweet/facebook/youtube/g+/storify a lot. That, I believe, is the way of a new media enthusiast. Currently a Research Manager at the iHub. Fun job!

Past hats donned in the new media space: worked with Sandstorm Kenya, Sprint Interactive, UN-Habitat, UNEP to name a few.

Also worked with awareness campaigns/initiatives across the Africa: Mzalendo: Eye on Kenyan Parliament, Kenya Feb 28, Africans Act 4 Africa among others.

I dabble in tech as well, and had the pleasure of editing the Innovative Africa: The New Face of Africa essay collection.

Musically, I have worked with Kenyan sensations Eric Wainaina, Ma3, Atemi Oyungu, Juliani, DNA, Tusker All Stars, to name a few, and also done some stuff of my own :)

Conviction: Africa is not poor, just mismanaged; a statement that I'm keen on ensuring becomes a reality. Africa's storytellers, scholars, denizens and netizens are connecting/educating/raising awareness online, all informing the richesse and diversity on the continent.

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