Noam Kostucki

I believe that everything can be elevated into an art form. Whether it is the way you speak, work or live.

I spend 1/2 of my time creating and the other 1/2 coach people who create masterpieces that are beyond my reach.

Over a decade I have engaged with over 20,000+ people in 15 countries. I spoke at Harvard, Yale, London School of Economics, national associations for chief executives and tech accelerators.

I have written three books and had 50+ articles published.
I have given two TED talks and spoke at 80+ international conferences.

My masterpieces include giving a talk that received the UK Business Speaker of the Year Award runner up, a black belt in Judo, a photography exhibition at the 2014 European Union's Innovation Conference and a lifestyle in which I can travel 6 months a year (I took this photo in Costa Rica).

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