Noam Kostucki

I believe that everything can be elevated into an art form. In everything I do, I pour in emotions, life and meanging. I spend 1/2 of my time creating and the other 1/2 coach people who create masterpieces that are beyond my reach. My clients create masterpieces from their businesses, talks, books, lifestyles, skills and passions.

Over a decade I have engaged with over 20,000+ people from 30+ countries.

I regularly speak at institutions like Havard University, Yale, London School of Economics, TED, Chief Executives Networks and Startup Accelerators.

I’ve published 4 books. My first book is now required reading at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am a judo black belt and coached the Bristol University Judo Team. I’ve had photo exhibitions in London and Brussels. One of my photo exhibitions was at the European Commission’s Innovation Conference.

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