Happy March everyone!

It is a very powerful month, and this could be your most important month of the year. THIS month is YOUR month to create all of the miracles in love and luck that you are looking for. And the universe has a NUMBER of very special gifts for you to do just that!

The greatest gift we are going to see this month is a transit that we have been waiting for, for some time. Venus has been touring Capricorn for five very long months, and this will end when Venus enters Aquarius this month to breathe some fresh air into your love life. And that's not all!

Jupiter retrograde in Cancer for many months will also turn direct. With Jupiter direct in Cancer you can expect your family life to take on some renewed energy as well. And of course, with Jupiter being the luckiest planet of all, you can use this magic wand of energy to cast a spell of luck in ALL areas of your life.

What area of your life needs the most luck right now? Looking for a new direction in your work life? Looking for new numbers to appear in the bank account? Looking for a new elevation to your current romantic status?

No matter where you want to elevate passion and love in your life, the universe has all of the energy in store for you to create your destiny. The astrological energy is there for the taking all March long.

Are you ready? Let us help you start your LUCKIEST month of the year!

The spirit of luck is the spirit and energy we will be celebrating here all month long. We are going to offer you wish tips on Facebook, tarot readings on Google+, and all of the usual daily forecasts and secrets over on my Tumblr blog every day all month long. Each tip and secret that I will reveal this month will help you set the intentions that will create your own success in life…by honoring the world with kindness, the practice of unconditional love.

Whether you need success in a relationship, a friendship, a toxic work condition, or a toxic life experience, or are simply looking for more financial success, we will cover it all!

If you need to feel success in your life, this may be your most exciting month yet! Your success is one positive intention away. Where do you want to elevate LUCK in your life? Start today!