Nadya Primak

I find it difficult to function without feeding my hunger for creative expression. Although I have experimented with many art forms, my primary focus is photography.

I own a Canon EOS 60D and carry it with me everywhere I travel. I particularly enjoy taking photos of nature. The images in the background are from my trip to Peru last summer, and are for sale along with tons of other photos at:

I was born in the Siberia but left at the age of four with my parents to pursue a better (and warmer!) future in the United States. Now I am an American citizen and call the US my home. I graduated from Oberlin College with majors in Visual Arts (concentration in Computer Science) and Russian. Although I already spoke the Russian language, it was my goal in college to reconnect with my heritage and better my writing.

Although I hope to one day make my living with photography, I currently hold a position as Art Technical Coordinator for the Oberlin College Art Department.