OBEHI ["God's destiny"] JANICE ["God is gracious"] is a Nigerian-American actress/writer with two first-names. She is the creator, producer, and star of the upcoming comedic music video, BLACK GIRL YOGA.

Obehi's solo work and writing explores the power of voice in identity, politics, cultural exchange, and testimony. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and has trained with Shakespeare & Company and Sojourn Theatre. She is the creator/performer of two solo shows: suddenly BLACK, at Georgetown and FUFU & OREOS.

Obehi's plays include RED DRINK, BLACK GIRL YOGA, Ole White Sugah Daddy and OLU/OLA. She is a member of the 2013-2014 XX PlayLab (Company One/Boston Center for the Arts). Obehi can also be seen in film, commercial, and heard on video games and radio and TV spots as a voice actress. You can catch her Thursday nights at ImprovBoston with the Harold Night team WAR CUPCAKE.

(Photo: Leslie Hassler.)