Obi Nwosu

Hi! I am an Anglogerian Technologist with over 18 years of experience in the UK technology sector.

I am the CTO at Coinfloor, a board member for QLess Inc. and a co-founder of Supalocal Limited.

My interests include disruptive technology, ecommerce, design, mobile, wearables and fast growing start ups.

Coinfloor is a UK based Bitcoin trading platform with a heavy focus on security, performance, AML and ease of use.

Supalocal is a software company whose products include the Supalocal Queue Management System (sold to QLess inc.) and CLICLOC, an ecommerce brand.

Previously, I was the CTO and VP of Engineering at WeeWorld, Head of Projects and Development at and CTO at as well as a UCL graduate.

I love Apple Crumble, Android, Art and Anything disruptive, different, exciting, new, beautiful or quirky ...

... and before you ask - I am a Jedi Knight. :-)