Ocean Ramsey

Aloha, I'm Ocean Ramsey from Oahu, Hawaii. I'm a shark conservationist, advanced freediver, swimmer, surfer, & 10yr professional scuba instructor. I've traveled the world teaching diving & working with sharks, rays, and other marine life. I went to college for marine biology & am hoping to eventually finish a masters program in Ethology(animal behavior.) My passion & focus is marine conservation, specifically shark conservation. I love sharks!

As I diver I am so lucky to have been able to spend my life in the water seeing sharks how they really are. They are so different than the way we usually see them on TV (as mindless man eaters.) Sadly, this big misconception & built up fear keeps a lot of people from hearing the truth about sharks. The truth is sharks are a vital component in the ecosystem. They are being killed for their fins at unsustainable rates & many species are on the brink of extinction.

More random info about me:

I picked up underwater photography & videography as a way to share my experience with people who are not able to go diving to see sharks for themselves.

I am currently training to attempt to break the national static record for free diving & hopefully hit a new PB of 200ft. To keep up training & help the environment I enjoy freediving to cut off abandoned fishing line, lead and debris off reefs.

I dive everyday. Jog every morning. I love to surf, hike, do sprint triathlons, yoga, horseback riding, soccer, SUP, jetski, & sail. I am a model with Premier Models & Talent. I teach scuba diving & freediving to small groups at a time to turn out quality, environmentally aware, & skilled divers. I am a 1st aid/CPR, AED, E02, & HML Instructor & wilderness medic. I was trained by & worked as a safety diver for animal interaction programs, companies & tv/feature productions. I've traveledor worked in:French polynesia ,Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Caribbean: Bahamas, Isla Mujeras Cozumel, Baja Mexico, and even San Diego, CA.I hope to dive Galapagos, Seychelles, Maldives, New Zealand, Coco's, Mediterranean & more. My purpose to traveling is to dive & photograph/video sharks and other marine animals to help contribute/support any marine conservation efforts that are being made in those areas. "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the Ocean. But the Ocean would be less without that drop." -Mother Teresa