24.09.14 DJing at Proud Camden.

20.09.14 DJing at Roadtrip, Old street

19.09.14 DJing µChip 2 @ Loading Bar, London

06.09.14 Djing @ Decompression Mag Party @ THE BLACK HEART, CAMDEN

05.09.14 Djing Grok Knight Chiptune party @ Betsy Trotwood, Farrington

27.08.14 DJing @ Proud Camden

24.08.14 DJing @ Roadtrip and Workshop, Old street

11.07.14 @ Eindbaas, Netherlands

5.07.14 DJing at Chips at Cricks, London

30.05.14 Organising CHAOS CONTROL II, Roadtrip Basement, 243 Old Street

11.04.14 DJing at Polo, Proud Camden

22.03.14 DJing at Polo, Proud Camden

21.03.14 DJing at Venus in Fun in Roadtrip and The Workshop, 243 Old Street

07.03.14 - Djing at Alternate Bass stage at a Warehouse event [info:]

12.01.14 Appeared with lil DJ set at Dead Dog Disko Rig

14.12.13 Organising Gleeetch Tallinn, Electro Trash party with Microcobra, Barthol Lo Mejor, Brisance, Yddik, Flakgun Smith

23.11.13 DJing all night in Belushi's Camden, 45 Camden High Street

02.11.13 DJing at The Forest Party

04.09. Djing at Gamerdisco in Book Club, Shoreditch, London

09.08 Organising GLEETCH LONDON, Moustasche bar,

03.08 Djing at Chaos & Control with William Bleak and Charlene Moscow LIVE @ Roadtrip and Workshop, London


13.07 DJing at Solipart