olivia . june

i am a silly, sassy, gigglepants.

i am a spontaneous adventurerer.

i am a happy, high-fiving, optimist.

i am a reading, writing, philosophizer.

i am an artsy, crafty, photog, design geek.

i am a technology obsessed, computer nerd.

i am a cooking, entertaining, domestic goddess.

i am a horseback rider, tennis player, and tri-athlete.

i am a conversation starting, research junkie, connecter.

i am an organic, locavore, cocolate lover, foodie health nut.

i am an empathetic, giving, sharing, helping, loving, philanthropist.

i am a hiking, camping, not afraid of bugs, nature lover, tree hugger.

i am a woman- powerful, tenacious, unique, charming, and irreplacable.


a work of art. perfectly in balance.